Heirloom Albums


My albums are luxurious. They are called heirloom albums because they are made to stand the test of time, come with a linen fabric and hard cover, custom designed by me and printed on high-quality photographic paper by a professional grade lab. Each album has one photograph per page (flush mount), and come with a linen fabric hard cover with several choices of colour and the option to upgrade to a faux leather, photo or embossing if preferred. 

  1. Fine art 8x12 heirloom album, 20 pages (40 sides, 40 pictures), custom design, flush mount: $650
  2. Fine art 11x14 heirloom album, 20 pages (40 sides, 40 pictures), custom design, flush mount: $800

Additional pages come at $50 pr page (2 sides, 2 pictures)

Shipping not included.

**These albums can be upgraded to accommodate up to 60 pages (120 sides, 120 pictures). 

Cover Options



Textured Non-Leather


Moleskine Albums


My Moleskine albums are a little more whimsical in that they are printed inside a Moleskine notebook, with a hard cover. In this book I allow for some white areas for note taking, to make it more like a regular Moleskine notebook, only with your images in it. 

  1. Moleskine 7.4x9.25album, 20 pages (40 sides, up to 40 pictures), custom design with room for writing: $500

**This album can be upgraded to accommodate 80 pages (160 sides, 160+ pictures)


To order your own custom album or if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.