Family Stories, a day in your life

Stories are powerful. We all share stories: of how we met, of the time life threw us three curveballs in one day, of the time little Johnny peed his pants in front of the prime minister. Stories are the glue of our collective narrative, and become the essence of our identity as a family. We share these and laugh together at how funny and hard life can be, while we hug and gush over the fact that we are still in it together. And even if we are not, if one of those curveballs create permanent damage to the family structure, we can still look back and see how it all unfolded in love and care and chaos, the happy memories still keeping us afloat. This is my ambition with doing this work: I want to take your life as it is now and put it in a photographic time capsule for you to have and hold forever. Your story, your joy, your love, your memories.

See a short video of a Sarah's experience below