Asked and Answered

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What is photojournalism and Day in the Life photography?

It is making storytelling photographs with as little interfering as possible. This means I don’t pose, use props or influence the photographs in any way other than by actually being present there in the moment with you.


Our house is such a mess, will I have to clean it?

Homes with kids are ALWAYS a mess, and it’s great. I love a messy house, it makes for more interesting and fun photographs. Please don’t go through any trouble on my part, I work around everything. My house is a perpetual mess and I photograph there every day.


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We already have lots of 'real life' pictures.

The goal of these sessions is not to document what you look like at this point in time. My specialty is to capture how you are together, how you make each other smile, laugh and feel, all things that are hard to capture when it's your own family. It's moment driven photography, like treating your everyday as if it were your wedding day. I firmly believe you will treasure it just as much, if not more than your wedding pictures.


What should we do during the session?

You do you. That’s all. Just be yourselves, play with your kids, make dinner, vacuum, do anything that you would normally do. 

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What should we wear?

Wear clothes you already own and love. Dress the kids in clothes they can play in that are comfortable. This session is about your daily life. Real is the operative word here.


Our oldest has been so fussy lately, what if he throws tantrums all day?

Tantrums are a huge part of growing up, and children are amazing at expressing a full range of emotions throughout the day. You and your child(ren) should interact like you normally do when I’m not there, and I will document all of it because that is what family life is: complicated, emotional and beautiful. Tantrums and all.

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Should we plan some activities? 

If there is something you like to do as a family, then sure, if it’s part of your regular routine. But there is no need to plan for anything specific, just hanging out and doing your usual family stuff is all that is required.


What if I want traditional portraits done during the session?

I don't like to pose people for portraits, mainly because I feel that people are their best selves when I don't tell them what to do. I always make pictures of the family individually, and I try to get everyone in the frame for a portrait during the session. If traditional portraits are super duper important to you we can totally have that conversation, I'm open to most things. 

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Do you do sessions outside of British Columbia?

Yes I do! I will travel for Day in the Life sessions! Just drop me a line below and tell me where you are. 


Do you have kids?

Yes. Three. One in 2013, then twins in 2014. They are just over a year apart, and I thrive on chaos.