Client love...

Sarah Borsa shares what it was like to have a Day in the Life session.
My experience was just as I imagined. My husband and I just did our parenting gig (tantrums, bath time, playing, exploring, explaining, eating, and teaching) and Kristine was just there to share in our daily life and capture our fleeting everyday moments with little ones. Her photos show and evoc emotion, and captured exactly what I was looking for. All of us together, living our best life. Each moment is engrained in the photo for me and we couldn’t be more grateful!
— Sarah Borsa
You captured more then we could hope for. It is a treat to have precious moments captured in a professional and original manner. Your photos tell a story! I see this as a time capsule to be kept for my baby and her future children to enjoy in the future the way I enjoy old black and white photos of my grandparents and great grandparents. I already framed a few for us to enjoy. The relevance of these pictures will become apparent when our baby is a bit older and we wish to look back at the first precious months.
— Siri Warren
I wanted some photos of our little family that weren’t just staged, but of us playing around and having a great time. It was such a joy to hang out with her in the forest, and the beautiful pictures that resulted really are a testament to that.
— Sophie
Kristine has a unprecedented talent at her craft. Her warm, genuine personality allows her clients to just be themselves and interact with one another while she captures the most perfect moments that you really want to remember. We loved the way she didn’t force poses but rather she just stood back and worked her magic from behind the lense. When we received our photographs, we were overwhelmed by how beautiful they were and blown away by what she captured without us even noticing. Thank you Kristine! You have given our family the most precious keepsakes!
— Chelsea LePage
It was very natural and flowed around what the kids were interested in; they had fun and were involved in guiding decisions. Your personal touches and attention to detail were so very much appreciated and stood out from previous experiences we have had.
— Melanie Simmons
My wife and I can’t say enough about Kristine’s exceptional style and method. Our session didn’t even feel like we were partaking in a photo-shoot; it seemed more like spending a pleasant afternoon talking and hanging out with Kristine. Needless to say, we were astonished with the results. She managed to capture some of the most profoundly intimate moments that we wouldn’t have been able to capture in a studio. Kristine’s work has resulted in some of our most prized possessions.
— Jeffery Louks
Kristine did a remarkable job working with our toddler and was able to fully capture his cheerfulness. She also worked well with our group, which can be quite a challenge to direct. ... We love the pictures from our session.
— Eileen Myrdahl