Day in the life photography isn't your regular photography portrait session. There is nothing more beautiful and organic than real life. Your life, as is, in all its chaotic glory. 

Portrait session

About one hour. We make a portrait, it takes about 15 minutes, and then we play. I will direct you into the good light for the portrait and then we will spend the remaining 45 minutes playing. You'll forget I'm holding a camera, and I'll get some gems for your wall.  

Family Newborn Session

About 1-2 hours. I don't pose newborns, and I actually prefer them to be a little bit awake. So much of their personality can already be seen even when they are only a month old. So this session can be booked any time in the first two months. 

Day in the life

That's exactly what it is. I have two versions of this session, short (4 hours) and long (15 hours) where I come and we just hang out while I take pictures throughout your day, your routines, your most important memories: your everyday.