Hi, and welcome! - Vancouver Family Photographer


I'm Kristine Nyborg, and you can read tons about me here

This all started after I stopped making pictures. In 2016 I had just gone to Alaska to photograph the Iditarod on assignment, then I came home and put my camera on the shelf. I didn't want to be away from my kids for weeks at a time any more. So we pulled them out of daycare, I put the camera away and strapped on the apron. So to speak. It was not my best year, and looking back I realised I was missing that other part of me, the one attached to my right arm, the camera. Then I found them, a community of moms with cameras, snapping away from behind the kitchen counter, and I thought: Hey, I can do that! So here I am. Doing that. Combining my two biggest loves: Photojournalism and family. 

Have you ever looked at a photograph and immediately known what is going on? Or been able to piece together a whole story from just a rectangle? That's what I hope to achieve with my pictures. I've been pursuing that style of photography for almost 20 years, and although I love making pretty images of nature and posed children, there is nothing that speaks to me like a good storytelling image. I'm drawn to the story, so now I make them for people to treasure, look back on and keep memories fresh. I love being a family photographer in Vancouver because it seems that people around here are also drawn to this: stories and images. Often outside. I'd love to hear more about you! Please get in touch and say hi, or join my mailing list for my infrequent newsletter!