Twins, schedules and Groundhog Day - Vancouver Newborn Photographer


I love Bill Murray, especially when he's being directed by Wes Anderson, but that's another blog post... One of my early Murray favourites, Groundhog Day, came out in 1993. I thought it was the most amazing concept. Imagine being stuck in the same day over and over and over and over and over again. How would you even cope?!?

Fast forward 20 years: hello first child. Then, a year later: hello twins. All of a sudden I was Bill Murray and the babies were my Groundhog Day. The only way for us to get through the day was with some seriously rigid routines, and by utilising those I was living the same day over and over and over and over again. The twins were on the same schedule and the oldest had to adapt to the twins schedule whenever possible. Breakfast, lunch, naps, dinner, bedtime. Always on a schedule, even our meals were planned every week. Now, on year three, the schedule has become a bit more flexible, but I've basically lived the same day for three years now. There is something wonderful about routines. It gives space to breathe and to almost know what’s going to happen next. With kids things rarely go as planned, but with routines the surprises are farther and fewer in between. Because of the routines it's been easier for me to photograph our days, as I've come to know when the kids will come to snuggle or spiral out of control. By doing this I often capture things I wouldn't have remembered if I didn't have it in a picture, even if most of them were shot on my phone.

If you are in the process of welcoming a new person into your midst (congratulations!!), take it from this mom: Consider a schedule. Kids thrive on routines, the predictability doesn’t prevent the meltdowns, but they certainly help with them. On occasion, it gives you room to breathe. And make pictures. You won't regret it. 

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!!