My faceless Instagram - Vancouver family photographer


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed that there are a whole lot of pictures without kids faces in them. Actually there are only photographs of faceless children, mine and my clients. I love their faces, and have thousands of photographs showing their chubby cheeks and their sparkly eyes. You’ll see them here on my website. Just not on social media. Here are two of the reasons why: 

  1. The challenge of trying to make interesting photographs that don't show my kids faces is super fun for me. It’s my motherhood project and it keeps me on my creative toes. And my creative toes get me though the day sometimes, so I need that.
  2. I don't particularly want to hand my kids faces over to the facial recognition softwares of the Silicon Valley algorithms. It scares me that they now collect data on points in our faces. The internet is fundamentally changing how we interact as humans, and I’m just a bit apprehensive about the digital age and what its implications are for my kids.

That said, this is a choice we made. It’s a bit of an unusual one, which I’m ok with, and I don’t judge anyone who does things differently. On the contrary, it makes my day to see so much joy being shared on Instagram and Facebook. There are days where I really want to say fuck it and share away because everybody else does it so how bad could it be? But at this point, nearly five years in, it’s become a thing that challenges me creatively and that seems enough to stay the course.