Awards fun - Vancouver Documentary Family Photographer

Five years ago I walked out of the newsroom with a swollen belly and no idea that within a year and a half I'd be the mother of three kids. My professional life was left in crumbles as I tried to figure out who I was, who they were, and how to be me in their world. Mid-identity crisis I put my camera down and pretty much only shot with my phone. Last year I picked up my DSLR again, and after much soul-searching found my way back to photojournalism via family photography. It's my perfect fit, and I'm so happy now, professionally and personally. Last month I submitted some photos to the Documentary Family Awards, both from my phone and from my DSLR. Five of my pictures made it into the final rounds of the judging, two of them, both iPhone snaps, made it into the top 20, and one landed in 6th place while the other got an honourable mention. I'm so honoured, and one of the judges, Kirsten Lewis, is the reason I discovered I could combine my photojournalism and family photography into one happy package. I'll always be grateful to her for that.

The gallery above is the five pictures that made it to the final rounds. I wanted to mention the placenta photo, which judge Jenna Shouldice so rightly put, are just placentas. It's personal and the only birth picture I've ever made. It was made after I pushed my twins out and they wheeled them off to the NICU. All that was left in the room was me, the nurse and their placentas. I made a picture. It's how I deal with most things I find challenging to handle emotionally, and this picture means the world to me. It represents my super-human ability to make two babies at once, although I agree with Jenna: it's just two placentas. 

So there it is, awards season is over. Now onward to make more pictures. The best award is always a happy client, so that's what I work the hardest to achieve. I'd love for that to be you, drop me a line below or browse the website if you want to connect.