Fire trucks - Vancouver family photographer

Child watches Burnaby Fire Dept firefighters put chains on their tires during a Vancouver snow storm. Before they started their work they made sure to give the children watching a plastic fire helmet each. 

I just want to talk about fire trucks (or in the case of this photo, fire engine) for a second. 10 years ago, this was how I felt about them: a temporary disturbance while someone somewhere needed assistance. A loud and intrusive necessity to life in the city.

Today it's a totally different story. I love them. Their blaring horns and shiny red chrome turn my head even when I'm not with my children. I've become that person who'll stop, stare, smile and say "Look, a fire truck!" to whomever is nearby, as if they can't see or hear(!) it for themselves. That's how much I love them now. And this is why:

I can’t even tell you how many times we've been in the middle of some toddler meltdown, and as if on cue their sirens are heard in the distance. “Run to the window, the fire trucks are coming!” Which sends all three scurrying for their spot in the window overlooking our street. Some days the fire trucks go a different way, other days they stop nearby so we can watch from our home. Every time the tantrum is averted. So I just want to talk about fire trucks, and how tremendously grateful I am to them for all they do for our safety, our community and improving the moods of kids everywhere.

I want to send out a HUGE thanks to all people who work within the fire rescue community. Especially the fire fighters. Without exception they wave and smile to my kids. Most of the times when they come to our little community it’s thankfully a false alarm, and as we watch the commotion one or more fire fighters will exit the truck and wave, often handing out little fire hats to the children. Sometimes the kids get invited into the truck, and we are always greeted with smiles and hospitality. It's awesome.