Oslo! I'm coming to you :) - Oslo documentary family photographer

Twins wait with their grandfather as the tram passes in downtown Oslo. 

Ok, Oslo, I'm coming home, April 28th - May 6th. It's to say a quick hello to my new niese, my aging grandmother (she's 97!!!), my family, and my people. In between I'll be doing some photography and I've still got a couple of spots. I plan to close the booking in a week, so get your spot now! 

If you're interested in some portraits, some real-life fun and a few pictures to boot, click the button below. I'm also planning to get my fair share of awesome Oslo java, so there's some space for that too if you just want to shoot the breeze.

Gi lyd, da vel! Gleder meg til vårstemning i Oslo.

Seagulls fly against a blue sky in the hot Norwegian summer sun. Fredrikstad, Norway.