Playing in the forest - Burnaby Family Photographer Mini Sessions

Dad carrying son on his shoulders before entering the forest in Burnaby, British Columbia. 

Last month I wanted to try out Mini Sessions for size. Since my favourite pictures come from play, and my favourite place to play is the forest, I combined the two for some quick adventures in the trees with some new and old friends. Each family got 20 minutes, and we literally just let the kids loose and ran with it. Kids are amazing, they are able to reel off ALL their emotions within 20 minutes, all while running circles around their parents. 

Kid running away from the photographer in Burnaby, British Columbia. 

I think photographing kids on the move is my favourite thing, something ALWAYS happens, and kids do weird things at all times. My biggest philosophy when photographing kids is that I will never force them to do something they don't want to. I want my sessions to be fun, I want them to flow naturally, and most importantly I want the kids to have a nice experience. If you take your child to a photography session and they are miserable the whole time, chances are that photo you hang on the wall will forever remind them of that one time mom and dad forced them to sit still and look at a stranger peering through a black box. Not how I do things. My sessions are all documentary, which means we meet, you play, I make pictures. No posing. Meanwhile the kids do what they do best: weird stuff.

Child having a meal of pinecones in Burnaby, British Columbia. 

There is nothing like the happy face of an unposed child eating pinecones. I may offer these again in the fall, not sure yet, but it was really fun. Advice of the day: Take your kids outside. Enjoy nature. Eat some pinecones. Or not. It's berry season though, eat some of those. 

And, not to forget: Happy Canada Day!!

xo, Kristine